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Lee Noble
Lee Noble is a British entrepreneur, car designer and engineer. He is a prolific designer of low-volume sports cars, including the Ultima, Midtec Spyder, Ascari FGT and the entire Noble Automotive Ltd car range (M12, M400, M14, M15 and M600). Lee has been widely recognised by the automotive industry with numerous awards including the incredibly prestigeous Drivers Car of the Year award from Autocar in 2004.
Innovative Design
Noble’s basic theme for designing sports cars is to start with a lightweight space frame, have a big powerful engine and an aerodynamic sports-racer body, but whilst the formula may seem simple, the ability to constantly innovate in bringing these three things together to not only beat the competition, but also to do so at an incredibly low price point is Lee's trademark.
Design to dream about
 Where Lee really excels in in the ability to make a car handle in a way that feels just right. Jeremy Clarkson described the M12 as being like "driving through The Force" in reference to the mystical force from StarWars™, praise truely indeed. This ability to provide exceptional handling with explosive acceleration is a classic Lee Noble trademark.
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